Tales of the Waria

The Tropics

Had a bit of a scare a few days ago. While filming Mami Ria in Toko Harapan, a clothing store, I started to experience dizziness and extreme stomach pain. The store owner was kind enough to get me a chair and some water. My skin started to turn a sickly yellow. And my hands cramped up; I couldn’t bend my fingers! Mami Ria and Aldy were very concerned and wanted to bring me to a hospital. I asked them to bring me back to my boarding house; all I wanted to do was rest. On the way home, I rested my head in Mami Ria’s lap. She stroked my head and cooed repeatedly, “You’re going to be OK.” It was very soothing, like being sheltered by a very large angel.

Turns out the source of my illness was a plate of day-old noodles that I had devoured unthinkingly at midnight the night before. When I told Aldy that I hadn’t cooked the noodles before eating them, he smacked his head and said, “Don’t you know you’re in the tropics now!?!” Whoops. Lesson learned.

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